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  • Alley Paste


    Alley Paste is a pliable, flexible-hold paste with a matte finish.

    It’s up for anything: Add definition and shape to curly or straight hair. Separate and piece for edgier looks. Create elasticity and body. Control flyaways.

    Live your life.

    A unisex, clean fragrance allows you to cocktail with other products – or not. Whatever you’re into.

    Alley Paste let’s you be you with humidity defying styles that will not stiffen or flake out – there’s absolutely zero sticky residue.

    It’s pretty chill.

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  • Beach Hair


    Complete your Beach Hair vacation with this blissful texture crème. Medium hold, lasting volume and a tropical aroma derived from pure essential oils, crushed bamboo, bergamot, and coconut.

    Beach Hair protects your hair with sunscreen for those too-sunny-days (and let’s face it, even the cloudy ones).

    May be used on damp or dry hair to create messy, sexy, textured locks. Use a little (tiny pea size will do) before reaching for your hot tools. Concentrate mid-shaft to ends and scrunch for beachy texture. The more you use, the stronger the hold.

    Flecks of gold add a subtle, shimmery finish.

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  • Beach Hair Rinse


    The yang to Beach Wash’s yin, Beach Rinse is a nourishing, weightless conditioner for healthy, hydrated locks.

    It’s like an extended beach vacation – for your hair.

    Cocoa butter, argan oil and coconut oil moisturize and restore beautiful, naturally derived luster back into your locks.

    Lovely for all hair types seeking effortless texture, body and shine.

    p.s. This conditioner works best when used with Beach Hair Wash. Follow with Beach Hair texture crème to achieve that perfect, tousled beach wave look.

    100% Vegetarian and SLS/SLES FREE.

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  • Beach Hair Wash


    Beach Wash is your dream vacation. Did I say dream vacation? I meant shampoo. But use it once and you’ll see what I mean. It smells the way that private cabana on that private beach with those coconut-shell-drinks-with-the-little-umbrellas-in-them feels.


    Beach Wash is a texture shampoo for lovers of no fuss, naturally voluminous, gorgeous hair. It’s nourishing and foamy – like the ocean. Australian botanicals– including kelp extract– work to strengthen color treated and/or damaged cuticles. Bergamot, coconut and vanilla cleanse the hair and scalp while offering just the right amount of healthy shine.

    Plus, it’s 100% Vegetarian and SLS/SLES FREE. AKA, guilt-free.

    So go ahead and indulge.

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  • Bedroom Hair


    This product makes us blush a little.

    We were going for that sexy, roll-in-the-hay hair. You know: effortless, voluminous, light hold – that “I am especially happy and confident today” type of hair product.

    Bedroom Hair is all that and a bag of chips. But hold the chips, because our hair looks super sexy right now. Green tea, Lemon and Casia infused for a seductive fragrance. Nothing stiff, sticky or flaky – just gorgeous, flexible, soft hair.

    A little goes a long way – gold flecks add shimmer and shine to dry hair. Adds body to wet hair. Use pea sized amount as a finishing crème for smooth, soft, full-bodied and glimmering blow outs.

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  • Sole out

    Bee Waxed


    Bee Waxed is our strongest hold wax. Like, really strong. Tough enough for your mustache or beard. Stubborn enough to hold dreadlocks and braids in place. And it will even help out with taming flyaways and baby hairs. Oh, and it’s a matte finish for effortless cool.

    Cinnamon and clove extracts makes this wax smell amazing as it works overtime to keep your hair on lock — literally.

    Emulsify in palms of hands before applying – style as usual.

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  • KashMir


    Kalahari melon seed oil adds conditioning and nourishing to the hair.
    It soothes dry, brittle hair and has Vitamin “E”
    KashMir is easily absorbed for weightless velvety hair
    Apply small amount on clean damp hair comb through from roots to ends and blow dry. For a more intense result add fingertip amount and run through hair following w/flat iron. Great for blow outs.

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  • Keep It Kleen Wash


    Keep It Kleen Wash is a gentle and effective cleanser for the scalp and hair. Excellent for use as a daily shampoo.

    Peppermint Oil, Horse chestnut Extract, Vitamin A, B, B5 and H help maintain healthier, thicker, stronger hair.

    This wash also stimulates the scalp to promote new hair growth.

    100% Natural and Organic. 100% Vegetarian SLS/SLES FREE.

    Best if used before Keep It Real Rinse.

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  • Keep It Real Rinse


    Keep It Real Rinse is a gentle botanical rinse for scalp and hair. Excellent for use as a daily conditioner.

    Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil and Horsechestnut Oil nourish and condition the hair and scalp.

    100% Natural and Organic ingredients. 100% Vegetarian and SLS/SLES FREE.

    Best if used after Keep It Kleen Wash.

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  • Lavender Crème


    #1 seller

    Soft, multi-purpose, lavender-infused pomade adds moisture and balance to all hair types

    Versatile, vegetarian, and paraben free

    Safe for baby curls and children

    Use a small amount and apply to towel dried hair. Dry with a diffuser for frizz free curls.

    For straight styles, apply a small amount to wet or dry hair to eliminate flyaways, soften and add texture.

    Gives straight hair a tousled, full-body look.

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  • O’ssential Carve It Up


    Infused with olive leaf extract, sweet orange, black pepper and balsam, this soft, non-greasy, light hold, fast drying pomade is perfect for a piecey, textured look.

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  • O’ssential Coily Enhancer


    O’ssential Coily Enhancer protects and nourishes curly hair.

    This lightweight, fast absorbing lotion is enriched with essential oils and pure plant extracts with high moisturizing properties for those seeking moisture and balance for their curls.

    With a naturally soft finish, O’ssential Coily provides manageability for effortless, frizz-free hair.

    For best results, use after O’ssential Wash and O’ssential Rinse – or mix and match with any of the products in the O’ssential family.

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