Setting Lotion

Setting Lotion


Setting Lotion is a volumizing, shine spray with no-build up. 

It has a strong hold great for use in curl sets or to keep hair straight when blow drying - so you can forget about a crunchy aerosol or hair spray.

Spray your Setting Lotion at the crown (3 - 5 spritzes will do). Blowdry, curl, go about your business. Apply to wet hair before styling for use as a heat protectant. If applied to dry hair, it creates a sexy, textured look that will last all day (and night)!

And, it's pink! And smells like flowers! And our glass apothecary bottles aren't bad to look at, either.


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Volumizing shine spray with no build-up works as a 3 in 1: heat protectant, shine, and hold spray.