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All Kusco-Murphy hair products are produced and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. We believe in creating textured, beautiful locks with all hair types and styles in mind. All of our products can be used or mixed to create a wide variety of soft, sleek, tousled, sexy, or edgy looks.

We value simplicity. This means 100% vegetable-based ingredients, infused with the finest essential oils and extracts. All packaging has been produced from recyclable materials. We believe that recycling is a personal responsibility and have developed a range of products that allow you to do so, easily. We extract herbs, oils, and essences from nature, and aim to preserve that relationship by giving back to the planet that birthed us. We are conscious of our role in the world community: plant, animal and human.

For this reason, the entire Kusco-Murphy product range does not contain any animal by-products and are never tested on animals.

Wash, rinse, style - and go. Naturally.
Wash, rinse, style - and go. Naturally.
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Instead of using a hair masque or a traditional heat protectant, hair pro Jessica Elbaum prepped the actress’ wet strands with Kusco Murphy Dry Leave-In.

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